Anti-vaxx hatstore makes Star of David patches protesting a government that gave them PPP money

The owner of hatWRKS in Nashville did a Star of David with “not vaccinated” to protest the government on vaccinations. They also got $92K in PPP cash from the government and took part in the Jan 6th insurrection where they attacked the government.



A Nashville hat seller removed an Instagram post after fueling social media controversy selling a patch that looks like the Jewish Star of David and a Holocaust symbol.

HatWRKS, run by hatmaker Gigi Gaskins, posted a photo of a woman wearing a bright yellow star sticker with the words: “Not Vaccinated.”

Social media users responded with the hashtag #HateWorks, calling the sticker anti-Semitic and “disgusting.” The original Instagram post had thousands of comments before being taken down.…

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