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Anti Maskers, you are taking away my freedom. Take your beloved flag and wrap it around your face.

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So you call yourself patriots?   That is a lie.   You are taking away many Americans right to a hospital bed.  You are denying the majority of us from enjoying holidays, special occasions, and most of all, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   You are threatning we and our loved ones the freedom to slow the coronovirus or allowing the President Elect access to critical intel.

What has Donald Trump and the anti maskers done for you other than lower your IQ and making America a much more dangerous place.

Do not congregate and I am talking to celebration crowds, protestors and the deniers that believe Trump that we are rounding the corner.  We rounded it alright.  We rounded it to a huge cliff.

YOU do not have the right to endanger millions of Americans because you do not want to follow the CDC guidelines.   The leaders of each state are not leading but doing a Pied Piper stunt that looks like death panels.   You do not have the right to endanger people who need a gallon of milk for their kids at a store because you are  wanting a martini at a bar, instead.  Losers, all of you doing this.  Lonesome, pitiful losers.  

You are a shame and disgrace by not masking up.

Your anti American acts of congregating and exposing people is beyond unspeakable.

Donald Trump lost.  Get over it.   We have to take health concerns into our own hands because people who deny science are doing a population control and it could be you that gets eliminated because the virus does not know what political party you belong to.  I want to see ads flooding the internet and airwaves shaming antimaskers.  They do not have the right to take away my or your freedom to life.

You wave the American flag made of cloth, I might add and yet won’t put a mask on your face which is more American than you are.  The mask protects others and you.  While you want to live your lives pre pandemic, so do we maskers.    We have the fortitude and the discipline to sacrifice  a few months of inconvenience of sheltering in place and wearing a mask and not congregating.  We need to stay at home 99 percent of the time and shelter in place along with not congregating with others in our homes.

You so called patriots have no imagination.  You cannot entertain yourselves and  you are a threat to society.   We have little tracking systems and we do not know who is carrying the virus.  

Take your so called patriotism and use your flag for something useful.  Wrap it around your nose and mouth.  WEAR A MASK.  

Private businesses should enforce the No Shoes, No Shirt, No Mask, no service.

You do not have the right to take away my freedoms by imposing your selfish, stupid denial.

I have a right to a safe environment and you do not have the right to take my freedom away by waving the flag.  It is suicide and homicide  not taking every precaution to protect Americans and you just don’t have that right to take away.  If you are not going to wear a mask and refuse to keep others safe, drink the bleach or shove the UV light and see how that works for you.

YOU NON MASKERS are a threat to national security as you break the hospitals and people dying everyday.

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