On Friday night, a series of devastating tornadoes ripped through parts of six states, killing at least 79 Americans. Once again, COVID-19 shrugged and said, “Hold my beer” … before hastily interjecting, “Oh, shit, don’t drink it! I’ve got COVID-19!”

Of course, no matter what disaster Republicans and the media tout on a day-to-day basis—inflation, the liberal war on Christmas, Kamala Harris’ earbud choices—nothing compares with COVID-19. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t seem to get it until they, well, get it—and end up in the ER either for supplemental oxygen or an emergency horse paste butt-bong removal. 

The latest of these wayward GOPsters is Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen, a staunch opponent of pandemic restrictions who once promised to introduce a bill opposing vaccine mandates. Yeah, you guessed it. He got COVID-19. In fact, he got it so bad, he apparently went “poof.”

Yeah, if I’d staked my career and reputation on the idea that COVID-19 is no big deal and then ended up hospitalized with COVID-19, I’d probably hide, too.

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