“anthropomorphized loaf of stale bread”. Phoenix New Times Savages Jeff Flake.

The Phoenix New Times rips Jeff Flake a new one for his weak response to a stupidly offensive Donald Trump Jr. post on Instagram…

“Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, the anthropomorphized loaf of stale bread resigning after this term, made clear his disgust over an Instagram post from Donald Trump Jr. mocking Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when the two were in high school.

Trump's oldest son posted a fake “sexual assault letter found by Dems,” written in crayon, that says, “Hi Cindy, Will you be my girlfriend?” The letter is signed, “Love, Brett.”

Always ready to pounce on Trump and company for daily breaches of decency, Flake tweeted his dismay the next day, calling Trump Jr.'s joke “sickening.”


No, Jeff what is truly sickening is your chiming in with your GOP cohorts, echoing your addled Chairman Chuck Grassley, demanding that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford not only testify without the benefit of an FBI investigation into her claims on Monday, but also demanding that she present, as reported last night by Rachel Maddow, a full written transcript of her testimony by tomorrow.

That is truly vile.

As the New Times opines:

As New Times chronicled in July, Flake's modus operandi is getting mad when Trump or one of his allies says something heinous only to shrivel up when asked to actually do something about it. It's his essence.

“Shrivel up.”

Nice legacy you are building for yourself, there, Jeff.

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