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Answer to the Tucker Carlson lying attack on the 2020 Election, a traitor to the American people

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Tucker Carlson speaks with an air of authority. Unfortunately, much of what he says is well-designed lies to get his ideological position across.

Tucker Carlson called out on lying rant

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Tucker Carlson speaks with an air of authority. Unfortunately, much of what he says is well-designed lies to get his ideological position across.

Carlson pointed out something that most progressives believe. We do not believe in electronic voting without a deterministic and reliable paper audit trail to manually validate the result electronically.

He also pointed out that technology companies with listening devices cannot nor should they be trusted. That is true. In fact, if you have an Alexa, Google, or anyone of those smart listening devices, irrespective of what the companies say, your privacy is at risk.

Those were the only things Carlson spoke about that are relatively truthful. Those truths were pretty much used to give his lies some buttress.

Tucker lied about Right-Wing rallies vs. Left-Wing Rallies. He lied about the media having a preference for Biden when it is clear that the one thing the Trump campaign has always had was unfettered media coverage. He lied about social media that biased his message.

The reality is that Donald Trump has never won an election. Democrats were caught flatfooted in 2016. They almost lost the electoral college again with thin margins in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, & Nevada. While we brought out a lot of votes, we left a lot on the table. Trump maxed out. 

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