Another vile white supremacist gets banned from Europe

This kind of thing tickles my schadenfreude bone to no end. First it was dipshit hatemonger Richard Spencer, who was disgorged from the shores of his ancestral homeland back in July, and now another alabaster a-hole has been tossed into the inky black night like an incorrigible drunk at a Branson dive bar.

Prominent U.S. white supremacist Jared Taylor has been ejected from Europe for, well, being a dick.

Oh, what fun.


The ban came as Taylor attempted to transfer in Switzerland for a flight to Finland. According to Taylor, Swiss police informed him that Polish authorities had barred Taylor from traveling through the Schengen Zone, a 26-country area of Europe allowing visa-free travel.

“I will spend the night at the airport, and tomorrow I will be deported,” Taylor wrote. “I am free to walk around the terminal, I can make phone calls and use the internet, and I have a meal voucher that is supposed to last me for the next 12 hours. The officer kept my passport, though, and won’t give it back to me until I board the flight home.”

I sure hope authorities gave him one of their special “spit in this man’s food” vouchers. One can dream, anyway.

It seems Taylor had been on his way to speak to other dickheads at a white dickhead conference in Scandinavia, but Europe’s unhappy experience with dickheads of this sort has really turned them off to this kind of thing.

The move to bar Taylor — and having European countries enforce their borders against unwanted individuals — sent other white supremacists into fits. One, Hunter Wallace, said the “moral rot of Europe can’t possibly get much deeper,” a take echoed by Scott Greer, who wrote for Richard Spencer’s white supremacist journal. Nicholas Fuentes, who attended the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, described it as a “stab in the back.”

White supremacists being sent into fits pretty much makes my Sunday.

Thanks, Europe. I hope to enjoy your “deep moral rot” in person someday.


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