Another Trump-Russia coverup: Former White House official revises her story on sanctions

Everywhere you look in TrumpWorld you see consciousness of guilt regarding the Russia collusion scandal. If it’s not Donald Trump clumsily attempting to undermine the investigation into his campaign and finances, it’s the cavalcade of lies from his underlings, which include numerous “revisions” about contacts with Russians.

The latest to get caught in an inconsistency, fib, baldfaced lie is former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland, who is now walking back her earlier denials about discussions she may or may not have had with Mike Flynn about his talks with the Russian ambassador.

From The Washington Post:

K.T. McFarland, who briefly served as Flynn’s deputy, has now said that he may have been referring to sanctions when they spoke in late December 2016 after Flynn’s calls with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, these people said.

When FBI agents first visited her at her Long Island home in the summer of 2017, McFarland denied ever talking to Flynn about any discussion of sanctions between him and the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, in December 2016 during the presidential transition.

For a time, investigators saw her answers as “inconsistent,” putting her in legal peril as the FBI tried to determine if she had lied to them.

I guess it’s possible that the Trump-Russia scandal is all smoke and no fire, but then how do you explain that everyone connected with Trump has been walking around blasting firehoses for the past two years?

And how does one get away with blatantly lying to investigators? You accumulate enough cash to hire really good lawyers, that’s how.

Eventually, McFarland and her lawyer Robert Giuffra were able to convince the FBI that she had not intentionally misled the bureau but had rather spoken from memory, without the benefit of any documents that could have helped her remember her exchanges with Flynn about the Kislyak conversations, these people said.

Mueller’s team appears to be satisfied with McFarland’s revised account, according to people familiar with the probe.

Just days after Flynn talked to Kislyak, however, McFarland said that her memory was clear, and that the two had never discussed sanctions or how the incoming Trump administration hoped Russia would respond.

With all the repressed memories afflicting Trump’s aides and staffers, you’d think they’ve all seen his fungal accoutrements. But no, they’re just trying to save their own skin.


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