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Another Trump Presser: without a case of the claque, Trump still wants to kill social security

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Started at 547pm ET Apparently like the Germans and Pearl Harbor, for Trump, the second World War ended in 1917.

Trump starts with more disinformation using a Virginia example

Trump pimps stock market — usual blah-blah….

(550pm) whoa, something happened and Trump abruptly leaves after a secret service agent came to podium. Looks like an external threat — there’s a door lock-down at the WH. Photographers in the briefing room are at the windows trying to get a view. External view of WH has Secret Service out on roof. Uniformed Secret Service is patrolling with automatic weapons. The perimeter was extended a while ago.

@DanaPerino reports the sounds of shots fired near the White House, developing

Trump comes back in. (600pm)

There was a shooting outside, someone was injured by secret service —  now under control. Trump wasn’t taken to the bunker.


Trump yammers about “the world being a dangerous place”.

Trump returns to prepared text… “China Virus” (CV) blah-blah claims of “auto boom”, more bafflegab. (We are still in a recession) claims a 20% growth rate for Third Quarter. refers to “pandemic contraction”. “tremendous progress” uses the word “resolvement” for vaccine development.

Refers to Saturday circles back to stock market, accuses Democrats of bailing out poorly running states. Repeats his Saturday stunt EO and Memos. Mentions yet again a middle-class income tax cut.

CV again on COVID news, repeats his testing/case BS yet again claims 2-day wait for lab tests. Mexico, and Latin America. Does is usual ventilator brag, lies about wall again -— still 3 miles of new wall. Tries to connect wall to keeping COVID out.


Trump does usual blah-blah “vaccine by the end of the year”. Mentions therapeutics to try to confabulate them. CV again cites long-term care and nursing homes. Usual boilerplate, lies about death data. Selective comparison with EU. More China blaming. Mentions AZ TX FL, tries again to connect COVID to breaching southern border.  “we’re monitoring very strongly”. Trump tries to pimp “underlying conditions” (comorbidities) recalling his trying to rebrand Obamacare on Friday and Saturday. Trump goes sing-songy, getting bored with reading repeats his Saturday threat to end social security and medicare. Tries to blame evictions on China.






Q: UI payments, when?

Mnuchin says by end of next week.

Q: have all the governors signed on to this?

Trump punts

Q: incident outside?

Trump punts

Q: 97,000 kids testing positive?

Trump claims it’s a “tiny fraction of deaths” “I think schools have to open”


Q: Biden against God?

Trump tries to link Biden to Sanders (accordion hands) claims poll progress, uses word “manifesto” twice.



Q: claims of pre existing conditions covered?

Trump claims contradictory issues on individual mandate (still doesn’t get press follow up on contradiction) Trump claims it’s a “double safety net” even if it’s redundant.


Q: G-7 meeting?

Haven’t sent out invitations yet. blah-blah “let’s do it after the election.”

follow-up on Russia — punts

Q: negotiations with Dems? 

Mnuchin answers yet, Trump interjects blah-blah

Q: Gettysburg for RNC acceptance speech?

Trump punts, “It’s the history, it’s incredible” blah-blah on using the White House

Q: audience for speech at Gettysburg?

Trump says yes, then interjects and asks John Roberts about number of shots outside (two)

Q: response to reciprocal China sanctions?

Trump goes blah blah on virus


Q: delisting of Chinese companies by SEC in terms of accounting requirements

Mnuchin answer, then Trump goes blah-bl;ah on WTO “developing nations” status

“Jina” and North Korea will own this country if Biden wins. Trump implies he’s being tough on Russia, veering to energy and NATO. Misinforms on Germany energy needs relative to Russia. Trump is lying yet again. Now veers to criticizing China on farm products. So he didn’t really attack Russia, just used bafflegab.

“They’re just waiting until Biden win”  “China will own us, etc.”  turning into campaign speech. blah-blah. claims that 180 million people will be unhappy with Democrats.


Q: On Putin, Russian election meddling

Trump tries to steer it to Iran China, typical Trump answer now shifts it to Democrats and mail-in ballots. mentions Maloney again, goes back to mailed out applications. (stupid since anyone can apply for them)


Q: Sporting events cancelled?

Trump punts

Q: hypothetical on 160,000 deaths on PBO’s watch should he have resigned



Trump punts mentions 1917 (!). (why won’t the press correct him — again)


“The closest thing is in 1917, they say, the great pandemic certainly was a terrible thing, where they lost anywhere from 50 to 100 million people. Probably ended the second World War — all the soldiers were sick.”


Trump blah-blah on closing the country. Trump lies and makes up numbers


(Normally Trump would flee at this moment)

Q: Ethanol tariffs and Brazil?

Trump punts, 

Q: OANN, Biden running mate NSA Susan Rice speculation? 

Set-up for campaign BS about spying — blah, blah…


(Trump should flee now)

Yep Trump flees. 650pm

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