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Another Trump Presser: more raw animal magnetism and 157,690 deaths

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Live Blog below: Trump to hold press conference today at 5:30 in briefing room

Apparently they’ve given up trying to announce it for 5pm. Will Trump show up on time? Will there be medical professionals there, or generals to affirm yesterday’s “attack” in Beirut?

Sen. Mazie Hirono: “Did Gen. Flynn pose a national security risk to the United States?”

Sally Yates: “It was certainly our concern, Senator, is that the Russians had leverage over Gen. Flynn.”

Trump campaign list of possible debate moderators

Republicans have watched giddily as Kanye West weighed a potential 2020 bid, hoping he might draw crucial votes away from Biden and boost President Trump’s reelection chances. In recent days, there’s been mounting evidence of a coordinated effort by GOP operatives, some with ties to the Trump campaign, to make sure that West does qualify in key swing states.

It’s unclear how directly involved West is in this process — or how much clear thought he’s put into the campaign taking shape around him. West’s rambling, partially incoherent campaign launch speech in South Carolina led to public speculation about his mental health, and his wife, Kim Kardashian, recently posted on instagram about West’s bipolar disorder and asked for compassion from the public.


Rachel George makes clear that West’s campaign is trying to keep its inner workings out of the public eye. West’s nascent campaign has so far refused to engage in a serious manner with reporters, a sign they don’t want their efforts scrutinized too closely.…

Putin sent Wagner group mercenaries into Belarus to cause mischief there, not to transit elsewhere. He did this in advance of the Belarus presidential elections for the same reason that he sent Wagner group snipers and saboteurs into Ukraine in advance of Ukraine’s 2014 election.

Trump begins at 546pm

Discusses Arizona and executive action on virus relief, he is unhappy about doing the reading today, dwells on the drawbacks of any shutdown, and somehow gets distracted by talking about the ills that come with it, hesitating when talking about marriage problems

Yammers about testing rates, comparing them to foreign countries. apparently trying to avoid national data, but trying to isolate data, not mentioning rises in places like Florida and Mississippi, in fact claiming “rates are going down”. More magical framing by the WH press shop.

“China Virus” again, MSNBC cuts away, as does CNN, because Trump now veers toward visits to states.

There are screen images up today.

Goes to boilerplate on social distancing, going sing-songy

Now vaccine hype… “long before the end of the year”

Now doing campaign boasts southern border wall, blah blah effect on human trafficking.


Q: voting fraud in mail-in ballots

Trump blah blah “it’s all over the newspapers” (it isn’t) Arizona, Nevada, no signatures checked

Follow-up Nevada says it’s not true

Trump goes BS, “are we going to wait a week?” “bundling harvesting” mentions NY Carolyn Maloney  Trump disinformation. “I’m doing the country a big favor”

“Absentee ballots are different that mail-in ballots” Trump is full of crap.

“No evidence of voter fraud” Trump punts

Q: “It’ll go away sooner or later”

Trump punts

Q: Schools open?

Trump blah-blah children immunity “China Virus”

Q: Kanye West and GOP attempt to put him on the ballot in CO and WI

“I like him, I like his wife” “I’m not involved”

Q: airline payrolls $25 billion more?

Trump punts

Q: Beirut “attack”?

Trump punts “nobody knows” Trump goes disinformation “some people say”

Q: using the WH as convention acceptance speech?

Trump says it’s not a Hatch Act violation

Q: Trump Junior on Alaska fisheries comment?

Trump punts, goes blah blah (see the Yo’semite signing yesterday)

Q: ambulance drivers reimbursements $2.89 billion at HHS plus second question on Beirut “accident”

Trump punts “nobody is complaining about not getting paid”

“it ended up being a bomb”

Q: re: “Beirut bomb” US assets in the region?

Trump punts, sees he’s going to get more trenchant questions

Flees at 617 pm MSNBC went away CNN went away

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