Another toxic Trump brand bites the dust

Personally, I’d buy Ed Gein-branded signature lampshades before I’d ever buy anything with Donald Trump’s name on it.

But for years, about the only game Li’l Donny had going was slapping his gauche insignia on sketchy and/or outright fraudulent business ventures. If it said “Trump” on the outside, you knew it was the functional equivalent of a flaming bag of hair.

Well, now all the people who for some reason once equated “Trump” with opulence and epicurianism — when they really should have been thinking of Granny’s white lightnin’ and the ceement pond — are finally bailing on our slovenly suzerain. 

Exhibit A: this tweet from The Washington Post ‘s David Fahrenthold, whose reporting on The Donald’s myriad scams has been indispensable:


To be fair, I’d stop answering the phone, too, if Trump’s name were still befouling any of my wares. But mere shame can’t explain why the company’s website has shut down.

Then again, maybe Google did it. They’re very unfair. Very unfair.


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