Another retired Marine General speaks out


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Immediate past Commandant Robert Neller wrote “A Letter To America” on his Linked-in page, and the website Task and Purpose, which deals with military matters, posted a story about it titled Former Marine commandant on nationwide protests: 'The time for being silent has passed'

after confirming the letter’s authenticity.

Both the story and the letter itself are well worth reading, which is why I have posted links to both.

Please note:  this letter is somewhat different than what we have read from General Mattis and Admiral Mullen in the past few days. It is more wide-ranging in some ways.  Some might want to dismiss it because of that. I suggest that you don’t.

Let me simply post a few selections from the letter to give you a sense of it. Please continue below the fold to read those selections, if you have not already read both the story and the letter itself.

  • June 4, 2020