Another Possible Scenario

Say both Hillary and Trump win their respective nominations.

As we all know Hillary is very/extremely business friendly.

Will the Corporate interests and the elite line up behind Hillary? I think they will, Trump is a wild card and business just loathes that scenario.

Corporations only care about social issues when they affect the bottom line, public outrage changes their stances pretty often, don’t lose the client base for god-sakes!

Many businesses depend upon our global power model, so expect no change there, they can sleep easy on that score with Hillary. Trump may seriously affect this business/military model, so a no go from the start.

The big tent has already sucked in most of what used to be termed moderate republicans [East Coast Republicans] as the GOP has fallen off a cliff.

Now there has been a kerfuffle over whether these interest with all the money in the world have influenced Hillary. The only sure way to know is if she wins the nomination just by what happens afterwards, I would say there is some historical precedent that indicates which way she will go.

All the corporations want is business as usual and all that means. Wars of convenience, income inequality and avoiding anything like investigating offshore accounts. If women's rights, gay rights, immigration reform, BLM etc etc benefit the business model they are all for them, anything which upsets the apple cart they are against [there are the few radical exceptions].

It will be interesting to watch the money and the candidates reaction to it, I think it will be telling

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