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Another Poll Showing McConnell and Governor Matt Bevin As The LEAST Popular Politicos.

The Courier-Journal had another Morning Consult Poll on Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin and the Satanic Snapping Turtle Mitch McConnell.


A new list of rankings from a high-profile polling organization is giving a big red thumbs down to Gov. Matt Bevin.

Kentucky's governor is the least popular in the nation among voters in their own state, according to Morning Consult's Q2 rankings, with a 56% disapproval rating to just 32% who approve.

Bevin notably has ground to make up among voters in his own party, with an election looming in November. The governor faces a 40% disapproval rating among fellow Republicans in Kentucky, a number that comes after a May primary election where GOP challenger Robert Goforth, a state representative, scored 39% of the in-party vote to Bevin's 52%.

This confirms what I have seen and said before.  Even Bevin’s own Republicans are not solidly behind him.  That 40% disapproval matches the number of Republican primary voters who said, “Nah!” to Bevin.  To me, this says that Bevin is very vunerable in this Fall’s election.

And for those not familiar with Matt Bevin, he is a Tea Party fanatic who is Kentucky’s Donald Trump.  He is an arrogant liar and hypocrite, and Bevin regularly throws around insults.  And Bevin is bear hugging Trump to keep himself afloat.

Now, this poll does NOT show how his opponent Democrat Andy Beshear stacks up to Bevin.  But another interesting thing about this poll is that Bevin has a -63 point approval rating from Democrats.  And while this state is now Republican, it’s not because there are more Republicans than Democrats.  We have a lot of DINOs in Kentucky.  And Bevin needs those DINOs to win.  And that negative 63 point approval rating from Democrats is bad.  And the -26 point deficit with independents isn’t going to help Bevin either.

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And what about the Satanic Snapping Turtle?  Well, this poll shows once again that McConnell is one of the most unpopular U.S. Senators.

McConnell himself is listed in the poll as the least popular senator in the nation, with an approval rating of 36% and a disapproval rating of 50%. Sen. Rand Paul, meanwhile, ranks No. 9 on the list of least popular senators — his approval rating in the poll is 40% and disapproval rating is 39%.

I had thought that Paul was doing a lot better than McConnell.  In fact, Paul has usually had a sizeable positive rating since he first won his seat in 2010.  I’m a little surprised to see that Paul is not all that popular, at least now.  I believe this poll was done before Paul’s latest hypocritical and cold hearted move to block the bill for 9/11 responders.

But you can see why the Satanic Snapping Turtle has tried to throw his arms around Donald Trump.  Sadly, Trump is at a 55% approval rating in Kentucky, so Trump is the most popular Republican here.  Given that McConnell is potentially vunerable, I wish Kentucky had a deeper bench of Democrats to challenge him next year.

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