Trump tells an African-American Roundtable “What do you have to lose”.

President Donald Trump said African American residents were experiencing historic economic prosperity before “we had the plague flow in from China” and disproportionately impact minority communities.

Trump convened administration officials, local elected leaders and Detroit-area business owners at Ford Motor Company’s Rawsonville plant before taking a tour of the Ypsilanti Township facility Thursday. The president, sitting in front of a banner with the words “Transition to Greatness,” pledged to help Michigan’s African American residents recover from the disproportionate impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on their communities.

“As our nation battles the invisible enemy, African American communities have been hit very hard, including Detroit,” Trump said. “My administration is working relentlessly to rush supplies and resources to these communities and to protect the health safety and economic opportunity of all African Americans and all Americans.”…

Press questions after African-American Roundtable: More Trump bafflegab “We’ll see what happens” (WSWH)… “a lot of ammunition left”

More Trump idiocy about vote-for-mail, continuing to lie.

Q: which specific funds removing funding from MI?

Trump: piracy bafflegab: “tremendous fraud” now lying about California voting

Q: China law on Hong King?


Q: MI flooding … FEMA?

Trump punts “fantastic job” ventilators? dams “something happened to them?”

invites group on tour he’s not wearing a mask. He’ll be making remarks after his tour. Blog below.

“If you’re sick or elderly it’s ok but how do you know who signed it?”

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