another idiotic Trump presser at the 19th hole: more lies in advance of killing social security

Another stunt to keep Trump in the news on a Saturday, because he’s losing.

Yesterday’s presser at his golf club was such a joke, this one shouldn’t even be covered, since it’s really coordinated with a Trump fundraiser. Wimp of Wall Street.

Date: August 8, 2020 at 2:53:38 PM EDT
Subject: WH Travel #2 – Arrived at Bedminster, goat herd spotted

The pool has been swept and is now at Bedminster ahead of our second news conference of the weekend. We had our temperatures taken at the club.

There was a brief pause during our drive onto the property to make way for a herd of goats that live here on Trump’s property.

Will keep you posted on timing for the presser

These are here so Trump benefits from calling his golf course a farm:

Saturday, Aug 8, 2020 · 426

Trump begins

Announces two VA bills, goes to boilerplate on Executive Order, goes to campaign speech yammering, Trump has apparently not read the text before says a couple times “you know what we’re talking about”.

Usual blah-blah. It’s now a full-blown campaign speech.

Claims Biden has gone “further left than Bernie” does a riff on voter fraud and voter-ID.

Trump claims Dems “want to steal the election” (darn projection)

More complaining about mail-in balloting whining about Nevada.

Trump is playing to his country club buddies.

Trump brags about his crowds in Fl. “Fake News”

Mentions “ballot harvesting” (like the GOP in NC)

Trump goes for the usual name calling. riffs on southern border wall (only 3 miles are new)

More Trump lies about the stimulus bill.

Claims release of inmates and illegal immigrants will be sent to Portland. (weird segue) “I honestly believe that they (Dems) don’t love our country”

More Trump lies about support for education

Trump is tired of reading.

MSNBC cuts away, CNN cut away quickly. Fox News stays.

Trump is now doing stand-up for his country club buddies  — stooges laugh at attacks on media.

More China-blaming Trump does more ad-libs blah-blah about ventilators.

Does all kinds of chicken-in-pot promises with executive order. This was a coordinated move with the GOP Trump hasn’t read the text, $400/week

(Essentially, yesterday Trump previewed things that had yet to be written yesterday- today is the signing ceremony)

More tax-cuts because Trump wants that recession to get worse.

Trump now pimps stocks

1) Payroll taxes fund Social Security.2) Trump’s cuts will put a hole in Social Security funds.3) Permanent cuts would destroy Social Security.

Trump doesn’t know the difference between headwinds and tailwinds.

More Trump bafflegab, attacks Green New Deal calls it “childish”.

Trump now relishes talk about bad marriages doing shtick for the country club.

Blah-blah “greatest economy in the history of the world” usual talking points (more lies.)

Signs executive order says he will entertain questions.

Trump does usual spokesmodel display. gives away pens (almost Blazing Saddles)


Q: which governors will sign on?

Trump punts

Q: Why $400 when people were getting $600 before?

Trump has no answer

Q: payroll tax?

Trump: “everyone wants it”

Q: further negotiation?

Trump punts

Q: when will this be implemented?

Trump punts “rapidly” “very soon”

Q: this will be tied up in the courts

Trump: “if we get sued, maybe people don’t want to get the money”

Q: That was a false statement sir

Trump flees.

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