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Another Dem candidate drops out

On the inconspicuous heels of Eric Swalwell, another Democratic presidential candidate has abruptly disappeared like a popcorn ghost fart in the desert wind.

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel has decided to briefly emerge from the mouldering moose carcass he was hiding in to announce he’s suspending his campaign.


Gravel’s official Twitter account broke the news Wednesday, saying, “the #Gravelanche is not over. We’re gonna keep going.”

The campaign said it will donate its funds to charity and form a liberal think tank called the Gravel Institute to produce “leftist policy papers” on subjects including “ending the American empire,” “reforming our Democracy,” and “direct action by elected officials to end injustice and suffering.”

“As the campaign ends, we’re going to help build institutions on the left which can grow power, shape policy, and create strong activists for the long haul,” Gravel’s campaign wrote online.

You can forgive yourself if you didn’t know Gravel was running. He didn’t qualify for either of the 20-person Democratic debates, and the #Gravelanche — which was “run by a pair of social media-savvy teenagers,” according to Politico — was not threatening to crush anyone but Gravel.

But this does whittle the field down a bit. Too bad, because old white men from extremely low-population states are so underrepresented in our democracy.

And sorry about the headline. I realize that clicking on “Another Dem candidate drops out” and then finding out it’s Mike Gravel is a little like reaching down to pet a puppy and discovering at the last second that it’s a dead raccoon.

I feel horrible. Really.

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