Another betrayal: Republicans sabotage COVID talks so Trump can sign meaningless executive order

The Senate has adjourned for the weekend, after refusing to negotiate with Democrats for a desperately-needed COVID-19 relief bill. Democrats had compromised, agreeing to come down yet again to $2 trillion spent to help the country through the worst health and economic crisis in our nation's history. It’s just too expensive, Republicans say.

For context, the GOP Tax Scam—a 2017 giveaway to the wealthiest Americans—cost U.S. taxpayers $2.3 trillion. Republicans did this without batting an eye.

It’s clear that Republicans were never serious about negotiating for this latest relief package. They actually put in a now-infamous “three-martini lunch” business deduction, because executive business deductions for “restaurants and entertainment”–which Trump pushed for— are clearly the biggest issue facing our country right now. This stupidity, along with Trump’s payroll tax cut—another benefit that helps the wealthy—made it into the Republican’s insulting bill. What didn’t make it in at all were food stamps. Poor people who lost their jobs and can’t feed their families can suck it, but if they find work and have a martini, at least they can deduct it. Adding insult to insult, the GOP also used their bill to undermine Social Security.

  • August 8, 2020
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