I ran across a very long rant on Facebook from Angie. It was not unlike others I have seen that makes clear we must secure our healthcare.

After contacting Angie, she agreed to do an interview about the healthcare hiccups she has had to live through. Her voice along with the voices of millions who generally suffer in silence as an immoral healthcare system destroys their personal economies, their financial well-being, and puts them at unhealthy stress levels, must be heard.

Angie has a healthcare story that should make us all act.

Watch the full episode here.

I do not want to excerpt what Angie wrote as it stands on its own best in its own context. With her permission here is here full text.

Angie’s story applies to millions of Americans and will apply to millions more. We are not impotent. As Angie said in the interview above, this is not a partisan issue. This is a human issue.

In most industrialized countries where healthcare is a right, they have Left, Right, Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, and the permutations thereof. The one thing they don’t have is an immoral healthcare system that destroys people’s lives like ours.

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