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Angeliina Lawson, Progressive fighting for accountability & transparency on Conservative board.

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Angeliina Lawson proves an adage that is becoming real to most. Progressives are generally the ones that keep the house in order. She is the sole progressive on the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees (JCCC) in Kansas City, Kansas, trying to be fiscally accountable and transparent.

Angeliina Lawson, a Progressive ensuring taxpayer’s monies are not swindled.

Lawson is currently under duress on a board that continues to work in a very non-transparent manner. Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees are attempting to censure her on February 20th for persisting to get answers for taxpayers.

The board continued to deny Trustee Lawson the answers to important questions on fiscal and fairness issues after requesting it multiple times to understand exactly what monies and outlays they are asked to vote for throughout the sessions. The board has become too confident with its conservative majority. It has created a power vacuum that is not good for teachers, staff, or taxpayers.

As an example, the board has more in reserve than is required by law. Why is it not used for assisting more students or providing tax relief?

Many stakeholders have been approaching Trustee Lawson in confidence with their concerns and questions. The board thus far are inhibiting the ability to get the information clearly.

Angeliina Lawson will not be deterred. She intends to continue to serve her constituents and root out the arrogance of the board and with that stunt corruption.

Progressive’s are not awash with big corporate dollars. We are lean, mean and dependent on our grassroots. Please consider contributing to the Lawson For Kansas campaign at

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