Anecdotal Evidence on Voter Turnout in KY.

In the important KY-6th Congressional District where Amy McGrath is running:

Lines were out the door at many locations and around buildings at some; waits of 30 minutes to an hour were common.

“Lines out of the gym to vote this morning,” posted Jay Blanton on Facebook. “I’ve lived in this neighborhood nearly 15 years and have never seen this turnout.”

And something must be going on with Democratic voters because this is what is happening in my precint in the city of Louisville, which does NOT have any real contested races.  I voted at 10:40 A.M., and according to the election workers, they have had a steady stream of voters.  I was number 889, and there were still people behind me voting.  The normal estimate for a midterm in my precinct is 1200 voters.  This year they are projecting 1872 voters, which to one worker would be “phenomenal.”  So they are nearly half way to their projections before Noon.

Louisville is the most liberal part of the state and still has Democrats in it.

Take that information for what it is worth.