It is patently clear that Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has lost the fealty, loyalty, or any semblance of respect from his underlings and enemies. As Mr. Cuomo becomes more defiant in his denials of sexual harassment, the Democratic party both locally and nationwide is getting bored with the drama and wants his ouster. The Governor is a 63-year-old cis male, by all reports, who has an outsized penchant for younger women. Aside from the obvious and disgraceful specter of powerful men using their influence, money, and the ability to control young women’s futures, a simplistic aspect of this despicable behavior is overlooked, human impulse and the lack or wont to control it.

Having recently celebrated a milestone birthday I gained the official designation of ‘elder,’ consequently, I had to admit something to myself, “ I am not that guy anymore.” Both sexes take great pains to cover, mask and color the unavoidable imperfections dictated by nature because we want to remain that guy or woman. Who is that man or woman; the virile, and sexy examples of manhood and femininity we perceived ourselves to be, attracting young men and women with the natural appeal youth grants. Across the board, once-powerful, youthful men are denying the reality and ravages of old age by drugging women, threatening their jobs, and in far too many cases forcibly assaulting women—and men, breaking their wills and resolve.

In some of the more high-profile cases surrounding this phenomenon, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein emerged from courthouses after being caught, charged, and convicted with looks of utter shock. Having been men who had their pick of women the continuation of that practice as one gets older is an ego-driven fantasy that belies reality. Those days of giving a strange young woman or man a knowing look and having them respond in kind at some point become just annoying or frightening leers. I am almost sure the women Andrew Cuomo allegedly groped, kissed without permission, or touched in what he would perceive as harmless ways, has been a habit from his youth. That ‘Mad Men’ type behavior is still part of a dying past gasping for its last breaths.

Simply put Mr. Cuomo you are not that guy anymore and thankfully neither is society’s acceptance of it. I understand Mr. Cuomo’s reluctance to foregoing the investigation and quitting. There are examples of rushed or lack of investigations resulting in lifelong stains on careers and reputations: see Al Franken and Aziz Ansari. I remember that first time a young attractive woman nodded in my direction, stepped aside, and said, “go ahead, sir.” My ego was a little wounded but like the majority of men and women, you realize it is a rite of passage and you proceed along the path of reality.

So, while I pluck the grey hairs from my mustache and cut my hair a little closer to hide the bald spot, I never lose sight of who I am; An aging man with valuable gifts to contribute but of a generation that has passed its prime but not its worthiness, if we live it with respect. A part of life is growing old gracefully and not subjecting young people to the loss of pride from lecherous older men and women.  

Continue to Vote for Change.

  • March 15, 2021
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