Andrew Yang Is Back And He's Here To Help Joe Biden Kick Trump's Ass Out Of The White House


Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:


I centered my campaign for president on one simple principle: We need a fairer, more human-centered America.

This idea could not be more important today as our country grapples with the public health crisis posed by COVID-19, the economic consequences of mass unemployment, and the wounds of a long history of systemic racism. Joe Biden is the bold, forward-thinking leader we need to both guide our nation through this crisis and heal it in the process. But with tomorrow’s quarterly FEC deadline, he needs your help to meet his campaign’s crucial fundraising goal.

We are at a turning point in this election, and Joe’s team is counting on dedicated donors like you to step up and chip in whatever you can so that they can scale up their operation to take on Donald Trump.

Can Joe Biden and I count on you to chip in $56 ahead of tomorrow’s big FEC deadline? Any amount you can contribute will make a difference in this fight to build a more forward-thinking, inclusive America.

The future of our nation hangs on the upcoming election. Donald Trump's irresponsible leadership puts the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans at risk every single day.

It's clear we must work together to elect Joe Biden. Our future — and our kids' future — depends on it. We can't trust Trump to care about anyone other than himself, and to be honest, another four years under his leadership could cause irreparable economic and social damage for generations to come.

The FEC deadline is tomorrow, and the Biden team has yet to meet their quarterly fundraising goal. Will you chip in $56 today?

Thank you for being a part of this,


Andrew Yang

P.S. As Joe says, we’re in a battle for the soul of our nation, and it’s going to take every one of us to win this fight. Will you donate $56 to Joe Biden’s campaign before tomorrow’s important FEC deadline?

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

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