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Andrea Mitchell lashes out at Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump's appeasing doctor

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Andrea Mitchel lashes out at Trump's appeasing doctor

It was clear that Andrea Mitchell could take it no more as she lashed out at President Trump’s doctor Deborah Birx. She is concerned that Dr. Birx is not forceful enough in refuting the president’s senseless, dangerous, and misleading statements.

Andrea Mitchell pulls no punches against President’s doctor

Dr. Birx has been the point person sent out to defend the childish and dangerous understanding the president has of the virus killing properties of disinfectants like Lysol and bleach as well as ultraviolet light.

“Unfortunately I think that the credibility of the scientists now is on the line,” Andrea Mitchell said. “They have to decide whether to stay on the inside and be valuable, or whether or not they see another alternative like Jim Mattox. Because when Dr. Birx said today that sunlight does kill the virus, she is perpetuating an unscientific untested single-study presented by a non-scientist from the Department of Homeland Security which led to the president, as she put it, ‘not fully digested the data’, she needed to be very clear on disavowing it and to this point she still has not been even this morning.”

When Andrea Mitchell goes that far on a singular person given her usual hesitation to hit people directly, this is big in her book. She hits the nail on the head.

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