Andrea Mitchell decimates a lying Trump campaign communications director

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell is from a time of cordial journalism. Trump's comms guy forced her out of character and she did not disappoint.

Andrea Mitchell, out of character. Welcomed!

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Andrea Mitchell invited President Trump’s Campaign Communication Director, Tim Murtaugh, to the program. True to form, he began his prose by misinforming and lying to Americans.

Mitchell confronted Murtaugh about Trump’s super spreader rallies. Of course, his response was deceiving. He said that Trump always advised attendees to wear masks and to be safe.

It is clear that Trump only uses masks when he is embarrassed about doing the right thing. In fact, even today, at the rallies, he constantly made fun of using them. All his rallies were packed with sycophants without masks.

There was a point in the interview when Murtaugh got under Mitchell’s skin when he tried to equate Trump’s irresponsibility with Biden. It made her go off to enumerate Trump’s COVID-19 malfeasance.

“One thing he has done,” Mitchell said. “is worn a mask all of the time. [He did] not have big rallies, not have super-spreaders at the Rose Garden, not have super-spreaders in Tulsa and in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and other places.”

She continued to be pretty tough with Murtaugh. She then summarily dismissed him.

“That is not at all accurate,” Andrea said.

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  • October 29, 2020
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