And you think the Hillary email zingers are bad ? “She Left Me For Dead !!”

Might as well get this out of the way.

The way Republicans hate Hillary is pretty close to the way they hate women generally. The way they hate taxes. The way they used to hate The Commies before they found they could make a buck off China. The way they hate it that they can't say “nxxxxx” any more.

They sincerely hate that last one.

They squeal that Hillary is a liar. That she responds to getting caught lying with more lying. That she hates ordinary Americans. That she doesn't understand how horribly bad democracy/government is. That she wants all the wrong people to vote. Maybe, eventually, that she didn't give birth to Chelsea.

Then There's The Story of Sox. You see… Sox was a cat. The White House cat.

The Interview. /snark

Below the orange muff……..