A very concerned Anand Giridharadas wonders where is the muscularity of Democrats as Republicans continue to fail on American pandemic relief.

Giridharadas is right to be concerned

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Anand said he was nearly brought to tears listening to the pain of a woman at a food bank. The collapse of the personal economies of many are now in full swing.

“While waiting for the camera to turn on,” Anand Giradharadas said. “Listening to Nancy Pelosi, listening to Washington technical talk which is so removed from the basic reality that this is a country awash in pain right now. Look at that woman's face. Listen to her. There are millions of people she speaks for, and we're having these technocratic conversations about committees and this and that.”

Anand continued.

“I understand, I mean the real blame here is Mitch McConnell is the Republicans as the president is a party that does not want to help people,” Anand said. “That is working on one side to actually make sure the pandemic kills as many people as possible. That seems to be the logical consequence of their policy and then to make sure that all the people who manage to survive it despite their policy suffer economically and beyond. But it is also the case that Democrats are not meeting this moment with the muscularity required, even the rhetorical muscle required. Why aren't we hearing thundering speeches from Joe Biden from Pelosi from Schumer making this case in a way that Ben's public opinion forces Republicans into a corner? This is not about Medicare for All right now. We're not talking about sweeping social policy. … This is emergency relief in the worst crisis since the great depression, and we're having this little Washington committee talk instead of talk of muscularly dealing with the restoration of some balance in people's lives, some stability food on people's tables.”

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