The cognitive dissonance of the “Liberal” punditry is astounding. Analysis like this is what taking defeat from victory looks like. And Trump is loving it.

Analysis like this is the path to Democratic defeat

We are playing directly into the hands of Trump. Instill a mortal fear in the Democratic base about a certain candidate and then get the one you are likely to decimate.

But wait. You botch the COVID-19 pandemic. This causes a likely slide into an economic depression. One can show causality with great advertising and repetition of data Americans see daily. And yet our punditry is talking about whether Biden is moving too far left to “appease” Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and their voters. Are you kidding me?

The millions of small businesses, many owned by individualist and conservative Republicans are not interested in whether a candidate is moving left. They want to survive. They do not want to lose their life savings, their dreams, their only source of income.

It is in these times where Libertarians, Republicans, and Conservatives beg for Progressive policies. Why? Because while their empathy never extends to others left behind by Conservative and Centrist policies when times are good, they discover a new way when they find themselves in need.

It is political malpractice to not see beyond today. It is political insanity not to understand what we have coming economically.

As people lose their jobs, those who once loved their employer's health insurance will have none. Those who had their own insurance will not be able to afford it. Those who survived coronavirus will have enormous healthcare bills.

As Americans saddled with student debt lose their jobs, they will be unable to pay their extorted loans. Those just leaving college will likely have no jobs providing an income to pay those loans off.

I read a sad story on CNN titled “A nurse revealed the tragic last words of his coronavirus patient: 'Who's going to pay for it?'” It is prescient.

Americans have been asking for Progressive policies for a long time. Clever marketing of a Mythical Center and the instilling of fear as to who is electable have been calling card of the party. Remember as our party members voted for the current likely nominee, most pointed out categorically that it was the policies of the leftist they wanted. Our current nominee would do well to heed their desires as the president, though he has no intent on doing so, will run to the left.

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