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An Optic(al)Collusion

How superficial has America become?  Am I to believe, that because Robert Mueller did not bare his back like Denzel Washington in the hit film ‘Glory’ or yell out of the window reminiscent of Howard Beale in the movie ‘Network’ his testimony is now to be treated like chum thrown from the back of the fishing boat Orca? There was a lot of advanced talk about the ‘optics’ of the Special Counsel’s Judiciary Hearing Committee testimony needing to be the screenplay version of the book entitled, Report On the Investigation Into Russian Interference In the 2016 Election. Maybe it has something to do with my age or common sense, but a wooden performance of the truth serves the public a lot better than unending lies from politics’ version of Gilbert Gottfried.

Robert Mueller told the world that the President went beyond unethical behavior and into criminality and a lack of patriotism:


“Director Mueller, I want to close out my questions, turn to some of the exchange you had with Mr. Welsh a bit earlier. I'd like to see if we can broaden the aperture at the end of your hearing. From your testimony today I'd gather that knowingly accepting assistance from a foreign government is an unethical thing to do.”  


“and a crime”


“And to the degree that it undermines our democracy and our institutions, we can also agree that it's unpatriotic.”



The above words were pulled directly from the transcript of the House Intelligence Committee's hearing Wednesday afternoon. I am not sure what the press or TV talking heads wanted.  Had he said those same words while balancing a plate on his nose; would that have been more dramatic than saying the President is a criminal or unpatriotic?  The media is once again failing in its’ duty to be informers, not entertainers. TV news started a death march once they intertwined themselves with the entertainment divisions of their respective networks, profit always trumps good work.  Much like my complaints that makes health care a profit-making first enterprise instead of a healing-making process first, is a fatal flaw.

In the questioning, today of members of the House Judiciary Committee and in direct response to a question from a reporter about Mr. Mueller failing to breathe life into his report as promised by the Democrats, Rep. Eric Swalwell issued a sharp rebuke, “Well if you showed up expecting a Broadway show sure, you may have been disappointed, ”he said. “But if you, listen to what he said, he said that,” continued Swalwell, “the Russians attacked us, they had a preference for Donald Trump, the Trump campaign welcomed it, and planned around it…”  

The false narrative(s) created by Trump has the press chasing around in circles like a dog trying to catch its’ own tail. For months during the presidential campaign, we were subjected to hours of watching an empty podium usually in the right lower corner of our tv screens waiting on the reality star to show up and start pulling hair.  That has now become the barometer for press attention; not a decorated war hero and two-time FBI Director saying the President is “generally” a liar, unpatriotic, and a criminal obstructer of justice.  If there is ever a next time for Director Mueller maybe his testimony will be taken for the real gravity it should command. Maybe had he testified grasping onto a floating piece of wood in the cold North Atlantic, the iceberg the country hit January 20th, 2017 would be taken more seriously before the titanic ship of America sinks.

Vote in 2020 for Change.        

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