Proposal 1 was defeated in Michigan on Tuesday. This is good news (for now) for the state. Rick Snyder has already promised to draft a new Emergency Dictator law and decreed the zombie law PA 72 is now in force.

The only problem with this is PA 72 was repealed with the illegal immediate effect passage of PA 4.  There is no PA 72 to enforce.  Like every other Republican, facts, real law and the truth don’t stop Rick Snyder though; he wants an Emergency Dictator law, and in true Republican style ignores reality for the hermetically sealed bubble the party has tried to stay locked within.

Why does the governor of Michigan ignore the will of the people and insist he must rule in his own way or else? That’s easy, it’s because he doesn’t know what a governor is. He thinks he’s the CEO of Michigan with eleven million employees to manage.

Rick, you need to face the truth.  The people of Michigan are not your employees. We are your SHAREHOLDERS. And like every other CEO, you are answerable to us. If you don’t execute the wishes of your eleven million shareholders, we will demand your resignation for incompetent performance of your position.  That’s what happens to CEOs who don’t do what the owners want.

Michigan is OUR state, meaning it belongs to the citizens, or shareholders if that makes it easier for you to understand.  


Kelly Weaver, shareholder of the state of Michigan

  • November 8, 2012