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An incredulous MSNBC Host calls out a lying Trump GOP hack

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GOP hack Hugh Hewitt appeared on Meet the press to provide a positive Trump spin. He lied & misrepresented in an alternate reality. Kasie Hunt called him out.

MSNBC Kasie Hunt slaps GOP hack Hugh Hewitt?

Check out full episodes here.

Chuck Todd pointed out that the president seemed to be leaving all the COVID-19 pandemic problems up to the states. He asked Hugh Hewitt how would he advise the president to get out of his slide.

“Well, yesterday 500 Americans died, Chuck,” Hewitt said. “And in Germany, 680 Germans died. “

To be clear, that is a lie. According to, zero people died yesterday in Germany. And at the time of this post 3 were reported dead.

“The United States' death toll has dropped dramatically from May when it was 2,700,” a willfully delusional Hewitt continued. “And in between, it's been a month and three days since George Floyd was murdered. In between, we had millions of Americans express their anger at overzealous policing and at the unnecessary use of violence, often lethal, against African Americans. And that was an event in the story of this virus. There's another event in the story of the virus. There's a ventilator supply now of 50,000 that the president got done. There is a lot more social distancing and a lot of older Americans are intuitively staying away. And the sharp rise in cases is among younger Americans. So what I think the president has to do, look, Joe Biden is very confident. He's measuring the drapes in the White House basement already. He thinks he's got this in the bag. The president needs to, as I said in the first segment, go back to his numbers and say, “Hey America. Who's going to get us back to where we were in January: Joe Biden in the basement or Donald Trump?” And I think he's got to do that in one-on-one interviews with as many people, including you and people who might be very tough on him in conversations, every day a one-on-one interview like he did in 2016.”

Chuck Todd then asked MSNBC host Kasie Hunt to opine. She did not disappoint.

“Absolutely yes. I mean, this has been an unmitigated disaster from the perspective of many of them,” Kasie Hunt said. “And, I'm sorry, but this picture that Hugh is painting of, you know, Americans looking at, you know, the world the way it was in January and definitely deciding here in June that President Trump is the one to fix the problems that frankly cascaded on his watch seems to me to be something certainly that when I talk to Senate Republicans behind closed doors they don't buy.”

Trump's playbook is clear. Assume his audience is stupid. Present an alternate state of reality, and hope enough people buy into it to win. Mike Pence tried it at the last COVID-19 press conference a few days ago. CBS News reporter Paula Reid flamed him off the stage as she castigated the administration with a very tough reality-based question that demanded an answer in kind.

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