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An explanation to this community

Yesterday I put up a quick post addressing Judge Barrett and “originalists” that got a lot of traffic.  Unlike my normal pattern,  I have neither read nor responded to the multitude of comments (I promise as time allows I will at least read them all). Because that is so much outside my normal behavior, I felt I should take a little time this morning to explain.

Last week my wife’s father, who turned 90 in August, was taken an on emergency basis from his retirement community to a nearby hospital in Bryn Mawr, PA. No, it was not COVID, but rather complications from kidney failure. He was immediately placed on dialysis, but given his age and some underlying health issues, we knew the end could be near.  We immediately drove  (round trip from Arlington VA) so that my wife could get in to see him. She was able to spend 90 minutes in his hospital room. He was not really conscious, but seemed to be somewhat aware of her presence.

That day, three of his five children were able to get in to be with him. By the next evening, the other two, one flying in from Wisconsin, we also able to get in to see him, as were his younger brother who lives relatively close, and the one grandson who is also his godson.

Wednesday evening, just as the Vice-presidential debate ended, we got a call.  His Episcopal priest, from a parish where he had been intimately involved for more than 60 years, had just finished given himj the sacrament of unction , and ended it with the words commending his spirit to God, he passed over.

My wife is the eldest of the five, and in a number of ways the one closest to him. Even though she was somewhat at peace knowing he was about to die, she was, as you might expect, devastated.

Yesterday was the funeral, and once we left the house at 11:30 to drive up, I was disconnected from the internet until this morning.