An eked-out Biden or Trump win in Election 2020 speaks poorly about us.

The rest of the world is watching Election 2020. And what they are seeing, unfortunately, shows an America many fail to realize that we are.

How can a man who cages children, steals them from their parents, grabs on women's private parts, insults every non-white demographic, lie ad-nauseam, among other bad acts, has the possibility of nearly being reelected to the presidency of the United States even as he has made no change to make himself a better person? How does a man who botches a pandemic not suffer major consequences even as he causes the disease's spread unabashedly?

It speaks more about the gullibility of the people than of the president. But worse, it speaks about a party that has not invested its resources into grassroots communities.

Election 2020 fiasco

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As of this writing, it seems that Biden will win a narrow victory and a fairly large popular vote victory. But the fact that working-class white Americans, a substantial number of Latinos, and a measurable number of black men will vote for a person like Donald Trump is not only our collective failure but a distinct failure of those running the party.

Democratic strategist Chuck Rocha has been begging for the campaigns to engage the Latino vote in Florida and other places for some time. But as I have mentioned too often on my program Politics Done Right, Democrats get a lot of money from its donors big and small but apportion most to high price consultants instead of building out an informational framework (media, engaged continuous grassroots actions, and more). That is the only way we can seed real information in the minds of most.

Rocha was interviewed on MSNBC in the night's wee hours as the vote was still being counted. At that point, the voting was not looking too good for Biden. He made a prescient statement.

“We do need to do a deep dive in Florida and how the money was actually spent,” Chuck Rocha said. “I watched a lot of money go through a lot of woke whack consultants and go around the Latino communities on the ground.”

That can be said for many other communities. Volunteering is left to the many, as consultants reap the financial rewards of the hard-earned dollars of grassroots donors.

It is time for a change. And that change involves us individually taking control of where we put our social and monetary resources. We cannot leave it up to the politicos who too often have other interests.

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  • November 4, 2020