Here is the TV ad that Moscow Mitch is running here in Kentucky:

Yeah, Moscow Mitch “led” on biggest economic rescue in history.  He also has some swamp land on the Moon to sell you too.  And some hot tips on ENRON stock.  Do I need to go into all the lies Mitch told in the above ad?

Amy McGrath is running against Moscow Mitch.  She will be the nominee because she has the financial resources to get her name out, and it appears that she may be getting a decent advertising team together.  This is high praise from me because I’m going to vote for Mike Broihier in the primary.

And I am being serious.  This is her latest response to Moscow Mitch.


She hits the major points.

  • They are predicting that we will have hundreds of thousands of Americans die.
  • Millions have lost their jobs.
  • And she highlights how Moscow Mitch wants to protect the pharmaceutical industry price gouging.
  • I like the “McConnell is taking a victory lap” part.

And McConnell hates that McGrath has the money to hit him on the airwaves.

The odds are still uphill for any Democrat running against Moscow Mitch.  However, I don’t think that McConnell will be fairing all that well this fall when thousands of Kentuckians are dead and hundreds of thousands are unemployed.  And even with Govenor Andy Beshear’s efforts, the low end of the estimates of death from the coronavirus will be 1,300.  And that is if we Kentuckians continue to do everything right.  The higher end estimate is 3,000 deaths.

That does not mean that Moscow Mitch will lose this fall.  Sadly, he should, but Kentucky is a red state.  But I feel a bit better that McGrath’s team appears to be sharpening their message.

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