Amy Klobuchar withdraws & suggests Biden pick a woman of color for VP. I agree only if …

Amy Klobuchar called Joe Biden to withdraw from vice-presidential contention. She said she then suggested that he pick a woman of color. She believes that it will help heal the nation.

Amy Klobuchar is right if a strong progressive selected

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I am tired of symbolism, I am tired of many telling some to wait after every election cycle. In effect, the ones in a permanent state of waiting for an economy that works for all sacrifice over and over again to make those who purport to be on their side more comfortable.

By now most of us should be cognizant that the presidency and these institutions have their own gravity. My stereotypical ghettos, barrios, and Appalachia need someone who is going to fight for policies that are out of the box.

The numbers are absolute. In aggregate incrementalism has failed. So when the election statisticians go through their regression analysis and figure out that a woman of color may be best to ensure that the sum-total of identities that likely guarantees a win, our concern should not be symbolic but one that can be consequential.

I really want a woman for president. I would like to see a black woman, a Latina, an Native American, an Asian as president not for symbolic reasons but for effective economic policies. The symbolic attachment is secondary.

President Obama has proven that a competent man of color can win. We have failed in getting a competent woman, let alone of color to even make it as the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party. Aren’t we a progressive party? Hell, Chile, Argentina, Pakistan, India, Brazil, … did it at the top. Vice-presidential symbolism is unnecessary. Biden may not make it to a second term. I want someone who will take the reigns with defined policies to move us forward.

What are your thoughts?

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