Amy Klobuchar did not allow Donald Trump's law and order narrative to be the message Americans heard. She accomplished her task.

The former FBI leader gets it right

Watch the full episode here.

I was very upset at the Sunday News Morning Shows. Their coverage left a lot to be desired. They allowed too many Trump spokespeople to spin without a robust enough pushback.

There are very few of the news reports that hit the president commensurate with the catastrophe he is causing in American. Amy Klobuchar used a tepid set of questions to make her point.

  1. Donald Trump is responsible for the level of hate, and violence in the country.
  2. She made it clear the police had to change. They have got to stop killing innocent people of color.
  3. Donald Trump is responsible for a large percentage of the 182,000 dead by COVID-19.

“We have innocent people like George Floyd shot by police,” Amy Klobuchar said. “We have what happened in Kenosha. And then we have a president that literally stands on the people's lawn, in violation of The Hatch Act, stands on the lawn with a bunch of pageantry and a bunch of fancy clothes with arias playing from the balcony and says, oh, do you want to be more safe?”

Klobuchar was not done.

“We are not safe in Donald Trump's America, Klobuchar said forcefully. “It's, not only have we seen an increase in hate crimes, not only have we seen increases in crime, but we have seen 3,600 people die during the Republican Convention, Jonathan. Now over 180,000 people died from this coronavirus. Seniors like my dad, visiting them behind glass windows as he stands alone with coronavirus in a room. I'll never forget that moment. And he survived that. But so many other people's parents and grandparents did not. So, no, we are not more safe. And I think Joe Biden has a very strong case to make about the changes he will make to make this country safer. We have not seen this with this president.”

Going forward, it is imperative that we do not allow the president to dictate the narrative by coercing a gullible mainstream media.

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