Senator Amy Klobuchar had an impressive closing to her opening statement that should empower Americans and scare every Republican.

Amy Klobuchar speaks truth to Trump & Judge

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The Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett is clear on her beliefs on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Here is the following from CAP Action.

Barrett wrote favorably of the dissent in King v. Burwell. “To the extent that NFIB v. Sebelius expresses a commitment to judicial restraint by creatively interpreting ostensibly clear statutory text, its approach is at odds with the statutory textualism to which most originalists subscribe. Thus Justice Scalia, criticizing the majority’s construction of the Affordable Care Act in both NFIB v. Sebelius and King v. Burwell, protested that the statute known as Obamacare should be renamed ‘SCOTUScare’ in honor of the Court’s willingness to ‘rewrite’ the statute in order to keep it afloat.” [Notre Dame Law School, Amy C. Barrett, Countering the Majoritarian Difficulty, 32 Const. Comment. 61 (2017) (book review), 1/7/17]

Amy Klobuchar did not mince her words. She echoed what many of her Democratic colleagues had to say. But the ending of her opening statement is prescient.

“To the women of America, we have come so far,” Klobuchar said. “And in the name of RBG, we should not go backward.”

Klobuchar said that one would not hear a cry of defeat. But that within these hearings, there is a blueprint for the future.

“Yes, judge,” Klobuchar said, looking at Barrett. “I think this hearing is a sham. I think it shows real messed up priorities from the Republican Party. But I am here to do my job, to tell the truth.”

Amy Klobuchar went on to say that Democrats do not have any procedural moves to stop the appointment of Barrett. But she urged voters to call their Republican Senators. She also urged Americans to vote even with all the Republican voter suppression efforts.

“Make your own blueprint for the future instead of crying defeat,” Klobuchar implored Americans. “So do it.”

And then the Senator had a prescient and striking statement.

“This isn't Donald Trump's country,” she said with resolve. “It is yours. This shouldn't be Donald Trump's judge. It should be yours.”

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