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Amy Klobuchar joins Chris Mathews to slam Progressives with GOP talking points

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Amy Klobuchar joined Chris Matthews after the debate to slam Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren with Republican talking points on free stuff and socialism. Amy tried to temper the attack with midwestern charm but showed she like most centrist politicians are there to protect the plutocracy no ensure the best outcomes for their constituencies.

Amy Klobuchar using Republican Talking Points against Progressives

The condescension was palpable. Amy Klobuchar showed that in fact, she sees the ruling class as one to program the activities of the working class. In other words, the masters determine what the economy looks like and we create schools to feed the desires of the masters.

“We should be matching our education system with the jobs in our economy,” Amy Klobuchar said. “And to me, that means, no, you just don’t make everything free. And you don’t pay for free college for rich kids. Look at this, the fastest-growing degrees are one and two years. We do not have a shortage of CEOs or MBAs. We have a shortage of plumbers”

Many will view that statement and believes it makes sense in our supposedly free-market system. It is true in the master/slave true behavior of the capitalist system. If we are supposed to believe in a smart market where supply and demand reign, then if there is an oversupply of CEOs and MBAs then their salaries would fall and if there is an undersupply of plumbers, then their salaries would skyrocket.

The reality is that our economy is a cartel just like OPEC where prices are controlled by those who conquered pricing power.

Progressives do not want to laden Americans with free stuff. We want to enlighten them about our economic fraud and empower them to be equal participants as we create a real meritocracy as opposed to one where you must be chosen for entry if even cloaked in the false nonexistent freedom to succeed without haven been chosen.

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