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Amy just endorsed Biden and suspended campaign.

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This will have an impact as well as I think Pete is not far behind on his endorsement.   

The endorsements will be coming fast and furious I predict.    The ground game is about to change with these past candidates coming in to endorse.   

I am all for redecorating.  This is what moderates are not comfortable with while the home is still on fire.    We need to put the fire out before we try and redecorate the place.  Trump has set the place on fire.  I voted Bernie 2016.  I voted Clinton 2016.   We are in a bit of a different place now…The constitution is on fire, the country is teetering on a pandemic and we need a real steady hand.

Biden will put people in place and refill our vacancies.   He will rebuild our allies.   He will be able to do this from day 1.   He has Obama’s ear.   POC will turn out for Biden as well as moderate whites and women. 

Think about all of this when you vote tomorrow.   This has become a two man race and I will vote blue no matter who but…….with all of the outside influence, we need to take back the senate and hold the congress and start some real firefighting.  It is not just the country that is burning, we are being lied to soooo much that Trump is going to kill us all by not being capable of handling a possible pandemic.   Trump is mulling over the war powers act to deal with this bug.   Wonder what exactly that will mean for all of us.  If we listened to Trump, can someone tell me when the war powers act was considered for something not much more than a cold or a flu?  That is what Trump said while he was worrying about the stock market.   I take everything that man says and turn it around.  We have no idea what he has been told.  Let’s just hope that the CDC informants  do not fall under this guy’s thumb.…

The moderates and that is most of the country will vote for putting out the fire and then redecorating to get us back to some sanity.  Too much division…To much hate…..Too much sickness…and most people are tired of constant chaos .

BIDEN BLUE …..2020

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