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Amigo #3, Rick Perry cannot smell what his rock is cooking

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Mug shot of Rick Perry

No truth to a rumor that Perry’s memoirs will be titled “Oops”. Perry will claim in a forthcoming Fox News interview that he never heard the words Burisma or Biden ever mentioned in reference to Arms for Dirt. The better questions are about how his associates gained large commercial contracts in Ukraine.

As Energy Secretary Rick Perry prepares to leave office in December, it appears he could largely avoid tough questions from reporters and lawmakers about his role in the events impeachment investigators are focused on, with department staffers even apparently using a decoy vehicle to shield him from press questions.

Perry — one of the self-styled “Three Amigos” leading US relations with Ukraine — has declined to cooperate with a congressional subpoena, neither providing documents nor testifying to impeachment investigators.

Key questions about what he knew and when have gone unanswered, and Perry’s aides appear to have shielded him on multiple occasions from questions about revelations in this week’s testimony.


Perry avoided reporters’ questions at two speeches he delivered earlier in the week. When he spoke to the US Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, Energy Department officials shielded him from reporters by sending what appeared to be an empty decoy SUV driven by his security officers to the building’s front door while Perry slipped through a different door.


Before this week’s testimony, he largely evaded reporters at an event in Saudi Arabia known as the “Davos in the Desert” and when CNN confronted him at an artificial intelligence conference in Washington on November 5 he avoided questions by slipping out a back door.

This week, testimony from US diplomats refuted the claim from Perry’s office that he was unaware of the President’s interest in the Biden investigation.…


in other strangeness…

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