Americans In Need. This non-profit succeed where the GOP sabotaged government fails.

Northwest Assistance Ministries is doing what government should be doing. Brian Carr explains how they do it. People over corporations is a must.

The government must work for the people.

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  • America is a center-left country governed as a center-right. Here’s why we’re not a Democracy and the fraud that we live through.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson tells the president to leave; the electoral college has spoken. Will he listen?
  • Scott Galloway, author of Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity, decisively slams our government, saving corporations over people.
  • Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM)’s Chief Advancement Officer Brian Carr discuss the great work they are doing to help people going through hell during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • December 23, 2020