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“American Taliban” trends again because Ted Cruz thinks Columbus is a religious icon

We are in some strange space where to Ted Cruz, those people taking down monuments to genocidal explorers are like fundamentalist religious fanatics practicing iconoclasm. 

Ted doesn’t understand iconoclasm nor has he read kos’s book, but he went there on Twitter.



— Felix Pax (@pax_felix) June 11, 2020

— Duane D. Drew (@DuaneDDrew) June 11, 2020


— MJT (@MJT66519837) June 11, 2020

I meant to buy Greenland. I meant to propose nuking hurricanes. I meant to set myself up for ridicule and contempt by posing awkwardly with a Bible.

Speaking of strangeness in disinformation:


— The Hill (@thehill) June 11, 2020

“It is not clear which sites were destroyed and in which cities.”



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