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Alternate Theory On Governor Matt Bevin's ProPublica Rant: Auditioning for Job with Trump.

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According to Joseph Gerth of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin’s rant against ProPublica’s partnership with the Courier-Journal is more about his auditioning for a job with Trump than further investigations into his own corrupt dealings here in KY.  It appears that ProPublica has a podcast that is going after Trump’s monetizing the presidency:

ProPublica has partnered with dozens of news organizations across the country, and it has investigated potential wrongdoing by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Among those many partnerships is one with WNYC in New York City to produce a podcast called “Trump Inc.”

The podcast is uncovering how the Trump organization and his family and friends are making millions and millions of dollars off Donald Trump's presidency.

One podcast episode was about how Donald Trump Jr. invested in a hydroponic lettuce company when the produce company's co-chairman was seeking governmental favors.

And the Courier-Journal hits a few of the highlights that ProPublica is exploring with regards to Trump and his family, and it is all as sleazy as you can imagine.  Therefore, ProPublica is not on Trump’s Christmas list.  Anyone attacking ProPublica gets brownie points with Trump.

Gerth’s source hypothesizes that Bevin wants to get the hell out of Dodge and go work for Trump:

There's long been talk about Bevin having Washington aspirations.

His first run for office in Kentucky was for the U.S. Senate,  and he's often mentioned as a candidate to replace Mitch McConnell. But there has also been talk of some sort of appointment to the Trump administration.

And while Bevin has said he plans to run for re-election next year, he hasn't even done the basic things you would expect an incumbent to do — like tapping a running mate and raising money.

Even with the state Democratic Party being deader than an animated zombie, there is the possibility that Bevin might get beat by State Attorney General Andy Beshear in 2019.  Bevin pissed and shit all over himself with that “pension reform” bill that fucked over state employees.  It did not help that the state supreme courts struck down that bill as unconstitutional.    Bevin is not popular, and it is possible he will go down next year.

Therefore, why not get a job with Trump and get out of Kentucky?  If there is a good chance you will lose your current job, why not work for Trump?  Yeah, you will be humiliated, but you stave off unemployment for a little while.  

Most sane people would not risk humiliation and possible permanent unemployment.  It’s one thing to be humiliated and have a big pay day at the end.  Many an aspiring politico will do that in D.C.  But there is a serious risk of being being humiliated and NO payoff if you work for Trump.  In fact, you can end up in jail.  But no one has ever accused Bevin of being sane.

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