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Almost went bankrupt with private health insurance, $160K hit in a year.

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A caller to Politics Done Right told his story about having to spend $160,000 of his savings even with private health insurance in one year for a brain condition. He would still have his money if we had Medicare for All but instead, he was forced to transfer it to rich shareholders.

Private Health Insurance was not his answer

The caller was born with a rare disease that manifested itself later in life. He required multiple surgeries. Even though he had private insurance, his out-of-pocket expenses were astronomical. He almost had to file for bankruptcy.

The majority of people would not have had the $160,000 he spent. It illustrates graphically the immorality and thievery of our health insurance and health care systems. As I have spoken about ad nauseam, the only mathematically efficient solution to our healthcare fiasco is a single-payer Medicare for All system. Profit and wasteful expenses must be removed from paying a bill.

Americans must stop suffering in silence. We must all tell our stories. As we tell ours, others are encouraged to do the same. We can expose private health insurance for what it really is, a corrupt system predicated on forcing you to get the care that maximizes the profits of a select few.

I am collecting real stories. If you have one be sure to email me at info[@] I may even ask you for a video interview to be played throughout our channels.

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