Vladimir Putin has made his second foray into Ukrainian territory since 2014, first Crimea and now poised to march into Kyiv. Both moves were against Democratic presidents, and both seem retaliatory for personal reasons. Putin’s tension with the Obama administration is well documented, especially with former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Many believe his animosity toward her was the catalyst for his interference in the 2016 presidential election. The fact Donald Trump, being generous, was a political neophyte who had no business then or now in the White House was a bonus for Putin.

Former President[Trump] told America and the world that Vladimir Putin was more trustworthy than American intelligence agencies in Helsinki in 2018. Despite the joint consensus of American intelligence pointing out evidence of Russian interference in American Politics, he said instead, “President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.” Yesterday in the shadow of World War III, Mr. Trump said,” “I went in yesterday, and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said when asked about the news. “I said, ‘How smart is that?’ And he’s going to go in and be a peacekeeper.”

Although Mr. Trump may believe throwing a punch and claiming the other guy hurt your hand is brilliant, it is as foolish as his syntax and logic. Messer(s) Trump and Putin have succeeded in twisting the morals of the GOP. The Republicans now have a television station dedicated to carrying the water for President Putin. Former President Reagan would not trust Putin as far as Nancy could throw him. The party that could not string together a sentence without a noun, a verb, and Reagan has embraced Russia, his number one enemy.

That brings us to President Biden, who will be blamed for Ukraine by GOP pundits. Tucker Carlson’s chumming up to authoritarian Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Laura Ingraham accusing Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau of tyranny are just preconditioning salvos. Fox News has been the main culprit, embracing autocracy in the years leading up to Putin’s invasion and dragging along a phalanx of power-hunting Republicans—willing to embrace the number one thug in the world. The whole scenario seems all too convenient. A former president who inexplicably weakened both the Department(s) of State and National Intelligence, bowing publicly at every turn to the wishes of a foreign dictator and attempting to extort the leader [Volodymyr Zelensky] of the country Mr. Putin is invading.  

At the time, the prevailing theory was that Trump wanted to use Zelensky for his sole purposes, but maybe there was a more nefarious plan down the road. Embarrassing President Zelensky by revealing he accepted a bribe to throw an American election would embarrass him in front of his people and possibly cause them to lose faith in his leadership. I know this sounds like paranoid ramblings, but it was also impossible that a President would reveal strike plans to guests at Mar-a-Lago over dessert, send warships in the wrong direction or flush White House documents down the toilet. Moving almost two hundred thousand troops and billions of dollars of equipment takes monumental planning and time. Is it too impossible to believe that the right-wing propaganda machine and some clandestine contacts between Putin and Trump have been working behind the scenes all along? Follow the money.

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  • February 23, 2022
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