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All hail the Queen!

Off with his HEAD!   The Queen of Hearts   Alice in Wonderland

I can’t seem to say it enough these days, I really do love it when they eat their young! The age old logic brain teaser has always been, which came first, the chicken or the egg? But that oldie-but-moldy is about to be replaced by the updated brain teaser x 2.0, Which came first, the Coulter fan, or the Trump supporter?

This is already shaping up to be another in a long line of weeks that his Lowness would seriously like to pass through unconscious, in a two bucket KFC cholesterol coma. Damn those positive, glowing physical results he keeps demanding from his doctor! The news today is that the “border security” negotiations to stave off another partial government shutdown have broken down. It is generally accepted that the deadline to reach an agreement in time to avoid a shutdown is tomorrow, to give both the House and the Senate time to abide by their rules of consideration, and still pass the bill in time for Trump t sign it.

Everybody is running around, high fiveing about the way that Nancy Pelosi is handing Trump his head on a cheap, $0.99 Store aluminum platter every time he turns around. This is true for liberals, because she’s constantly embarrassing him by shutting his overstuffed derriere down at every turn. But for Trombies, Pelosi is evil incarnate. She’s not beating Trump, she’s using cheap tricks to stifle his brilliance.

But Ann Coulter?!? That’s a different kettle of fish. granted, talking about Trump and Coulter, that means a bunch of carp with full mud veins, but fish nonetheless. Fish that have been left out in the sun for two weeks. In this instance, Ann Coulter is actually a much greater existential threat to Trump than Nancy Pelosi, since Pelosi is something that Trump can use to rally the base, but Coulter is supposed to be rallying the base for him, against her. and That ain’t happening.

In her naked power grab against Trumpenstein, Coulter is drawing on her long experience in dealing with the mental midgets that make up her audience, Keep It Simple Stupid! Coulter has gone on every show from Real Time with Bill Maher to Fox and Friends, spouting the same, absurdly simple yet effective message, “Is it wrong to hold the President accountable for the one promise he talked about every, single day on the campaign trail for 18 months?”

Trump has been hoist on his own petard. It has been reported, and yet to be contradicted, that “the wall” was a metaphorical construct, engineered by Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg, to remind Trump to talk about immigration to rile up his racist base. But now, like a failed lab experiment, it has morphed into a virus that threatens all life on planet Alpha Trumptori One.

Coultergeist is not going away anytime soon. She fell for Trump’s “Of course I’ll respect you in the morning, baby!” line, and now she wants her goddamn ring. Amusingly enough, Coulter has set herself up to look like a wrong-side-of-the-tracks- romance rebound victim here, considering those pesky reports that she dated conservative dragon slayer Keith Olbermann when they were at Cornell University together. But I’m sure that Coulter somehow or other doesn’t find that particular skeleton in her conservative closet as amusing as I do.

Coulter can kill Trump with simplicity. Trump’s supporters haven’t felt the love of his tax giveaway to the uber rich, and until prices start going up on the shelves, nobody cares about his stupid trade war. People for the most part don’t care about judges unless they get hauled into federal court, but the wall is omnipresent in Trumpmenistan. Kind of like genuflecting and making the sign of the cross when you walk into a Catholic church, it’s almost that religious.

Trump is having a real problem in dealing with Coulter on this. He can’t even hold out for the results of a DNA test, because he bragged about his conquest to the boys,  and now the news is all over town. And the last thing Trump needs right now is a nasty fight over child support.At the same time, his buddies will never forgive him if he tries to buy a ring, and they won’t lend him any money either. So he’s trying the old tried and true trick, ending his wing man out to shame her. That worked out well, since nobody has seen Newt Gingrich in public since Coulter slammed him with that “Break Newt’s nose by kicking Trump in the ass” tweet. Hell hath no fury, Newt.

Watch for Coulter to turn it up a notch this week. She isn’t about to fall for this “fence vs wall” semantic bullshit, her street creds with her own listeners are on the line here. And she has already shot holes in his upcoming “Blame it on Pelosi and the Dems!” excuse by pointing out to all and sundry the uncomfortable fact that Trump had full control of both the House and the Senate for two years, and didn’t bring home the bacon.Ann Coulter is holding firm on the one central promise that Trump himself made in public. It also just happens to be the one promise that Trump himself can never keep, and he knows it. And never the twain shall meet.

SO, which is it? Do Trump supporters just like Ann Coulter too, or did Coulter bring her own ignorant, racist army over to him? Personally, I believe it’s both. Trump’s universal name recognition and racist views made him attractive to Coulter listeners who were used to the same vile shit spewing out of their speakers every day from her. But I also think that she pimped him up something fierce to her own loyal base, converting some who may have been on the fence and not cared one way or the other. All I do know is that it isn’t a woman beating Trump, it’s actually two women. Ann Coulter has her hand on the right handle of the pliers, and Nancy Pelosi has her hand on the left. And in the middle? Well, I think you get the picture, let’s just say it rhymes with “walls,” pun filly intended. Good times ahead.

Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are still sitting around collecting dust, and Amazon is starting to send me nasty e-mails. And what better time to get reacquainted with the roller coaster that was the 2016 election cycle than before the release of the final volume of the trilogy, President Evil III, All the Presidents Fen.

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