Ali Velshi destroys GOP: Hope to rebuild & wash off Trump’s stench? We'll remember your silence.

Ali Velshi, in a vicious deconstruction of Trump and the GOP's lies, dereliction of duty, and unpatriotic vile, speaks the necessary truth.

Ali Velshi exposes the Trump stench

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Ali Velshi did not disappoint. He did what few journalists do as they either play the whataboutism or false equivalence game. He went for the jugular in this piece. The clips capture the essence of the entire excoriation of Trump, his sycophants, and enablers.

Velshi first tells the inconvenient truth. Trump has been derelict, has given up, and has left his party paralyzed. His 2020 election lies and 24/7 lying, in general, have eroded the confidence in our democratic institutions.

Ali Velshi points out that the president, with his lies, has unleashed his sycophants who are threatening the lives of election workers. He correctly states that no real president would leave that dangerous behavior unanswered. The host then calls out Republicans for not reigning our excuse for a president to stop the madness.

“While coronavirus rips through this country,” Velshi says. “The president won't even say its name. Silence on the pandemic starts at the top.”

As the pandemic goes into a catastrophic mode, the president behaves as if there is no pandemic. He ignores the real state of the economy. And Velshi calls him out on every current misstep.

“In fact, almost no Republicans have talked about this,” Ali Velshi said. “And their silence is an admission of their guilt. An admission that their inaction with this president may be responsible for the deaths of Americans who believed Trump's lies and, by extension, their lies about the virus, about it going away, about it not being all that contagious, about not needing masks. They supported a denier because they thought it was good politics or they didn't follow science or both. And people died.”

Velshi pointed out that had they stood up, many lives could have been saved. But these last few sentences were apropos.

“He is not a real president, and he never was,” Velshi said.

And this.

“For those of you Republicans who are hoping to rebuild and wash off the stench of Trump,” Velshi said. “Know this. You will be remembered for your silence. You will be remembered for being complicit in one man's attempt to take down the country you profess to love.”

Listen to the entire clip. I shortened it, and it is well worth it.

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