Donald Trump did not start the meteoric lying to the American people. Ali Velshi points out it was modus operandi for the Republican Party.

Ali Velshi strikes again

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Ali Velshi struck a hole-in-one once again. I stand corrected. He scored two holes-in-one with one strike.

Velshi first pointed out that the genesis of Trump's lies was the Republican Party. They have been lying to their constituents for decades. Who can forget “death panels,” and so much more. They have created an alternate state of reality that must ultimately crumble.

Many Americans on the ethical side of the divide have been in knots since Joe Biden's win. But they could not rest easy. The volume of suits seemed overwhelming. But that Texas suit that would be decided by the Supreme Court loomed high.

The bravado of the sycophants on the Right in social media, north of 120 congresspersons signing on, and the tactical misinformation regurgitated by the Right-Wing media left too many with that uneasy feeling. After all, the Trump precedent is that his becoming president makes precedent less precedent.

Ali Velshi provided the proper narrative of the Supreme Court dismissing the case. Most importantly, he gave hope by empowering folks with the most important concept, your involvement matters. The header of my website states, “Political involvement should be a requirement for citizenship.” The 81+ million Americans who involved themselves in Election 2020 are responsible for saving our Democracy. It made Trump, his sycophants, and enablers' path to authoritarianism much less plausible.

Imagine if more journalists used our airwaves more responsibly and gave those on the other side the respect they should expect. Imagine if the 4th estate empowered the masses instead of being but extensions of the propaganda conduit for the purchased politicians.

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