Alexandra Chalupa Responds to Fox News Smear of NSC Officer Testifying Today.

Alexandra Chalupa is the Ukrainian_American former DNC staffer who tried to alert the nation of the danger that was Paul Manafort before the 2016 election and was subsequently smeared by Republicans for her efforts.

So when she saw the below clip from the Laura Ingraham show on Fox, slandering the NSC official who will testify for the Impeachment hearings today, she felt duty bound to respond.

That’s John Yoo, who wrote the torture memo for the Bush admin, Nazi Princess Ingraham, and Dersh, the accused child predator, smearing a man who was wounded in Iraq to benefit the Traitor-in-Chief.

Alexandra’s response:

One one side of this dispute, Ukrainian-American immigrants who proudly serve their adopted country, on the other, natives who would sell their birthright on the cheap for an Un-American Putin loving clown.

I know whose side I am on.