Alex Lawson on Trump appointee sabotaging COVID-19 stimulus checks to Social Security recipients

Alex Lawson on Trump appointee sabotaging stimulus checks to Social Security recipients

A Trump appointee sabotaged the stimulus checks heading to Social Security recipients. Social Security Works Executive Director Alex Lawson explains.

Alex Lawson on stimulus check sabotage

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I ran across the article “Trump Holdovers Accused of ‘Sabotaging’ Effort to Get Checks to 30 Million Social Security Recipients” on CommonDreams by Jake Johnson. I knew I had to contact Social Security Works Executive Director Alex Lawson. Moreover, the article quoted him. Alex was kind enough to appear on Politics Done Right on short notice.

House Democrats and progressive activists are accusing the leadership of the Social Security Administration—currently headed by Trump holdover Andrew Saul—of slow-walking the Biden administration’s effort to distribute direct coronavirus relief payments to tens of millions of seniors and people with disabilities. …

Alex Lawson, executive director of advocacy group Social Security Works, said in a statement Thursday that Saul and deputy SSA commissioner David Black are “sabotaging the Biden administration by delaying relief checks.”

“A full month ago, the IRS asked the Social Security Administration for the necessary data to send Covid relief checks to Social Security beneficiaries,” said Lawson. “Commissioner Andrew Saul and Deputy David Black have failed to supply the data. As a result, nearly 30 million seniors and people with disabilities—who are among those hit hardest by Covid—still haven’t received their relief checks. They are counting on these checks for basic necessities like food and medication.”

“President Biden can’t stand for this any longer,” Lawson added. “He must protect Social Security beneficiaries by firing Saul and Black immediately.”

Alex went into much more detail in the interview. He pointed out the sad reality that the Trump shadow has not yet left our government. He said that President Biden must send both Trump holdovers Andrew Saul and David Black packing.

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  • March 26, 2021
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