Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public.

What the hell is this guy’s problem?

Huffington Post

“Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa lost 6-year-old Noah in 2012 when a gunman stormed Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults. More than five years later, they still get harassed by conspiracy theorists claiming the shooting was all a hoax.

Their harassment has led to a defamation lawsuit against Jones, who has fueled the conspiracy fires for years by claiming interviews with the parents and media outlets were faked and that the shooting may have never happened. A Texas judge is currently reviewing whether Jones’ motion to dismiss the case has any merit. In the meantime, Jones’ lawyer is seeking to open the floodgates for dangerous parties to easily find the Sandy Hook parents. (snip)

In an objection, lawyer Mark Enoch, who is representing Jones in the defamation case, said the declarations should be thrown out if the parents don’t provide their dates of birth and addresses.

“The declarations filed by Plaintiffs are neither affidavits nor are they proper declarations,” Enoch’s objection says, citing a Texas law that he says requires them to provide personal information. (snip)

Enoch, for his part, would not defend his newly filed objection to HuffPost when reached by phone Wednesday.

“I have no comment,” Enoch said. “The statute said what it said.”

When asked if he understood how this could further damage the lives of the parents, Enoch hung up.”

The debate on whether or not Jones should be allowed to post on Twitter is a sideshow.

Whether he should be allowed to walk the streets is the real question.


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